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The ultimate way to Learn Chinese: Why You Should Toss Your Textbooks and Buy Chinese Learning Software

What’s the ultimate way to learn Chinese? That’s easy! The simplest way to learn Chinese would be to toss your teachers and textbooks and grab some Oriental learning software. This article is going to tell you exactly why.

1. Individual Attention

Isn’t going for a class with a “real” teacher the simplest way to learn Chinese? No. Have you taken a language learning class before? I have, and I’ve taught them too. And something thing is always the same; it’s an impossible chore to obtain any kind of individual attention from a teacher. It isn’t their fault. Being a teacher is effort, and there just isn’t enough time for attending everyone. “But Chinese language learning programs don’t have teachers at all!” “Isn’t that worse?” No, since they make up for that fact by providing Chinese native-speaker recordings. learn Chinese in 5 minutes work such as this:

You start with individual words, which you pay attention to and repeat.
Then you move ahead to phrases, that you also pay attention to and repeat.
Finally, you graduate to having full conversations with your software
They’re prerecorded conversations, sure, however they work nicely. And here’s the main thing; it is possible to listen and repeat the words, phrases and complete dialogues over and over again until you are happy you’ve mastered them! You can’t do that with a live teacher! Also, should you choose need help, you can just pop in to the course forum and get help from the teacher there. That’s right! The very best Chinese software program offers online help from the native Chinese speaking teacher.

2. Proven Learning Methods

The ultimate way to learn Chinese is by using proven learning methods. Invest the a Chinese course, it’s hit or miss. Some teachers are well-trained professionals who know what they’re doing. Many, however, are hired for the easy fact that they’re native Chinese speakers. I took a Chinese class with a friend in Beijing a couple of years back. We showed up on the first evening of class and our teacher turned out to be my friend’s secretary! She was moonlighting as a teacher. She had no teaching experience or training. This happens a lot in private Oriental learning academies. Chinese language learning software programs, alternatively, avoid live teachers. Instead, their programs were created using 100% proven learning strategies. All you have to do is open the software and follow along. And what about books? With books you obtain no teacher no learning methods at all. Everything is left in the hands!

3. Hot Features That Only Software MIGHT HAVE

One of the best ways to learn Chinese, or any other language, is by doing offers. Books have crossword puzzles and word games. Classroom-based courses have class competitions. What do Chinese software games have? They will have precisely what books and classroom courses have and much more. The best games are the vocabulary games. They are fully interactive and usually use pictures or other graphics, which really makes memorizing words easy. Along with games, all of the top programs have recording or voice recognition capabilities. Using this feature, you can record yourself speaking Chinese. Then you can compare your pronunciation compared to that of the native speaker’s. It truly is amazing! Finally, Chinese language learning software programs come with active user forums. Here you may make friends with like-minded learners, get information about living and traveling in China, and, needless to say, get all of the Chinese learning help you need.

Final Thoughts

Teachers and textbooks was previously the simplest way to learn Chinese. Clearly, though, Oriental learning software has taken outrageous spot. They provide individual attention. They use proven learning methods, and they have great features that just a software program can provide.


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